About Planet Music!

Founded in 1982 as Nicholas Music on Magellan Street in Lismore, the journey of this iconic music shop began with a passion for melody and instruments. A decade later, in 1992, the baton was passed to Peter Miller, who continued the legacy with fervor. The year 2005 marked a significant shift as the store transitioned from its original location to a new spot on Molesworth Street, rebranding itself as Planet Music.

Despite facing challenges, including the devastating 2022 flood, the spirit of the store persevered. In the wake of adversity, Matt Bone stepped in, purchasing Planet Music and relocating it to 81 Keen Street, Lismore, ensuring that the harmonious legacy continued to thrive in a new era.

Planet Music is the largest music instrument retailer in the Northern Rivers!

Owner & Epic Bass Player - Matt Bone!

Matt Bone is not just the owner of a music shop; he's a maestro with an illustrious musical journey. His love affair with music ignited at the age of 15 when he first picked up the bass guitar, and since then, he's been thumping his way through life.

Matt's talent found a stage with various bands, including the indie sensation Mr. Blonde in the '90s, alongside performances with Starboard Canons, Claire Ann Taylor, Jimmy Dowling, and Warren Earl.

His expertise extended beyond the spotlight as he delved into the world of music retail, joining Planet Music in 2002. Rising through the ranks, he assumed the role of manager for 2.5 years, showcasing not just his musical prowess but also his leadership skills. From 2010 to 2022, Matt continued his musical odyssey at Byron Music before destiny beckoned him back to where it all began.

In the aftermath of the 2022 flood, Matt seized the opportunity to not only resurrect but to own his passion, purchasing Planet Music and steering its course into a new era of harmony and melody. Matt Bone's journey epitomizes the fusion of passion, talent, and dedication, ensuring that the rhythm of his life continues to resonate through the hearts of music enthusiasts for generations to come.