Used F Bass Canada BN Custom Builder 5 string w/ Case

The F Bass Canada BN Custom Builder 5 string bass guitar, ensconced in a robust case, exemplifies a pinnacle of artisanship and sonic adaptability. Painstakingly fashioned in Canada, the BN Custom Builder 5 string is a testament to F Bass's commitment to producing instruments of exceptional quality. This bass boasts a distinctive design that allows musicians to tailor various elements, ensuring a bespoke playing experience. From the selection of premium tonewoods to the precise construction, every detail is thoughtfully considered to deliver outstanding tone and playability.

The 5-string configuration of the BN Custom Builder adds an extra dimension to the bassist's sonic palette, providing extended range and versatility for various musical genres. The instrument's electronics are another highlight, featuring high-quality pickups and a customisable preamp that empowers players to sculpt their sound with precision. Whether laying down deep grooves in a funk ensemble or delivering thunderous low-end in a metal band, the BN Custom Builder 5 string excels at producing a rich and articulate tone.

The inclusion of a protective case further enhances the appeal of the F Bass Canada BN Custom Builder 5 string. The case ensures that the instrument is shielded from external elements, providing peace of mind for musicians who travel or gig frequently. The attention to detail extends to the case design, ensuring a snug fit and optimal protection for the bass. With its combination of craftsmanship, sonic excellence, and practicality, the F Bass Canada BN Custom Builder 5 string in its protective case stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to meeting the diverse needs of bass players.
  • Customisable design
  • Premium tonewoods
  • Precision construction
  • 5-string configuration
  • High-quality pickups
  • Customisable preamp
  • Exceptional tone
  • Extended range
  • Sonic versatility
  • Robust protective case
  • Snug fit for optimal protection
  • Crafted in Canada
  • Artisanal attention to detail
  • Ideal for various musical genres
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